October, 2016

How to prepare for interview

My 8 Tips for Your Best Interview

Are you going to an interview and wondering if you should prepare anything special? Do you know what to take with you? Are you nervous figuring out how to make your best impression without showing how desperately you want this job? I have been to many interviews. Several of them as a candidate and many more as the interviewer. I won’t tell you to dress well and to be on time – I’m sure you know this well enough yourself. But I can tell you what I saw people struggling with and how you can avoid feeling stressed. Remember the purpose It’s like with a CV or any presentation – if you don’t keep in mind what the purpose is,…

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Don’t Make this 5 Common CV Mistakes

If you are asking yourself whether your CV is well written or you are wondering if anything in it should be changed, allow me to tell you the five most common mistakes I come across in CVs. Let me be clear – these are not massive mistakes that will destroy your chances securing an interview. They will, though, affect the impression you make. And when you are competing with numerous other candidates for a recruiter’s attention, you want to make sure that the impact your CV has is completely positive. The five major (but easily corrected!) CV mistakes that I see time and time again are: 1. Trying to fit everything onto 1 or 2 pages This stems from career…

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