“They Rejected Me. Should I Try Again?”

How to prepare for interview

Sometimes I get this question from my clients. They applied for a role and were rejected. Either on the basis of their application or after the interview. But some time passed, vacancy is advertised again and they’d like to try one more time. Should they do it? or are they “blacklisted” and it’ll be just a waste of time?

Has it happened to you? Did you get a feedback why they rejected you? If you did, it will be helpful, but don’t worry if you didn’t. You will still be able to decide. You’ll just need to honestly review the situation.

Here are a few points to help you decide if you should try applying again for the same job.

How to prepare for interview

Was your experience of the right kind, but not sufficient?

If your experience or track record in the required field was too light and now you feel you’ve improved it – try again. If you can show on your CV and confirm it later during the interview that your knowledge is now closer to what they are looking for, don’t hesitate and send your application.

Was your experience strong but not exactly the kind they are looking for?

Unless you realigned your career with the requirements, it’s probably best to give it a miss. If you are determined on this particular company – waiting until a vacancy better matching your experience comes along. If you are not, try finding roles in other places that will better use your skills.

Were you rejected on the basis of your personality?

Did they tell you that other people were better suited? Or that there was better interpersonal chemistry with between the team and other candidates? If you have the notion that your personality of style was the issue, don’t bother. Probably neither you nor they changed enough to make it a match now.

Did you not perform well during the interview?

If you think you have given a poor performance during the interview, I would refrain from applying again. If the role is very similar or the same, most likely it will be the same team assessing applicants. You will have it twice more difficult to convince them that you are the right person. Unless you are very determined, spare yourself the stress.

Was your CV not reflecting all your strengths?

Do you think they rejected you because your CV or cover letter were poorly written? Not highlighting enough the relevant skills and knowledge you have? in such case write your CV quickly again (you may check my top tips for writing a winning CV) and apply away!


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