About me

Hi! My name is Agnieszka. When I was little, I wanted to be a detective, an actress and a writer. I ended up being a headhunter, which in a way combines all those ideas. It is detective work to find candidates, interacting with huge variety of people sometimes requires acting skills, and I do get to write a LOT.

I was born and raised in Poland more than 30 years ago. At that time, the country was still under communist rule so, although I am fortunate to have lived most of my life in a free world, I also remember some of the “highlights” of that era.

I studied Applied Social Sciences at the University of Warsaw, which, being a mixture of sociology, psychology and anthropology seemed a perfect choice for somebody who was always curious about the people around her. And it was a perfect choice! I really enjoyed it and graduated with an MA in Sociology.

My career started in Public Relations, but a reality check came early on when I discovered that the marketing world wasn’t for me. I missed dealing directly with people’s issues. So, I looked for a job in HR and found one that was fantastic: an HR department in an airplane factory! For the next three years I went through the production workshop to get to my office and I loved it. I was involved with all sorts of HR issues, from recruitment, training, compensation and benefits, to personnel administration and taxes. It was an unbelievable learning experience, but after three years I needed a change.

I wanted to broaden my personal experience and see how people lived elsewhere, so I quit my job and moved to Berlin for a while. Berlin is a crazy and fantastic city, full of creative individuals. It was there that I decided to work as a freelance trainer, providing soft skills trainings in time management, interpersonal communication and presentation skills. I did this  for a while and later moved to Italy and Spain for another adventure – e-learning!

Here I worked on creating e-learning courses and found it fascinating. Although e-learning has its limits when it comes to what topics can be taught using it, it is still the best way to convey learning experience to a wide audience. And it is extremely versatile, too. When you consider that both a PDF course and live webinar with simultaneous group interaction are actually e-learning, you see what I mean.

Time passed and my e-learning project eventually brought me back home to Warsaw, Poland. After four years abroad it felt good to be back in familiar surroundings. Here I decided to give my career another slight tweak and started a job in an executive search firm, working with variety of corporate and privately owned companies, searching for the managers and directors they needed.

I was pretty sure that staying in Warsaw was meant to be my final destination, but then… I met the love of my life. He happened to be a scientist and with a job offer in London…

So here I am, in another chapter of my life adventure. In London now, working for a renowned executive search firm, headhunting candidates from all over the world to work with international organisations in various sectors. It is a great adventure and I am still learning a lot, which feels fantastic.

Let’s see what the future brings…

You can contact me on: aga(at)joyfulcareer.eu